New Poll on Race

I found this article on a British website. Just for fun, I decided to Google the poll and see how far down I had to search before I found a mainstream media outlet report on it. I went through 5 whole pages and never found one! Gee, I wonder why? If the poll found the opposite to be true it would be on the front page of the New York Times.


A new survey has found that more Americans see black people as racist than white people or even Hispanics.

Thirty seven percent of American adults  spoken to by respected pollsters Rasmussen think that African American citizens  hold racist views, as opposed to just 15 percent of white  Americans.

Indeed, even the black adults the survey  spoke to, 31 percent said they considered people of their own race to be racist  while only 24-percent thought that white people were bigoted.

Racial Attitudes: A new survey has found surprisingly forthright opinions exist across the country about race relations

From an ideological point of view, almost 50  percent of conservative Americans think that blacks are racist as opposed to  only 12 percent of white people.

Interestingly, the 21 percent of liberal  voters who see black people as racist is almost as high as the 27 percent who  see white people as racist.

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Confirmation of the Santorum Surge

I attended a Republican forum the other night where the debates, polling and the various candidates were discussed. I introduced the results of a Rasmussen poll regarding the continued surge of Rick Santorum. Well, the place started buzzing. It seems, no one had heard or seen this poll.

I thought it odd the panel of experts discounted it so quickly, claiming Rasmussen’s record wasn’t that great. The mantra continued to be, Romney will win going away. He may very well & he’d better. The expectations in New Hampshire are that Romney kills the competition. In my opinion, if Santorum comes within 10 points of Mitt, it’s really going to upset things in the establishment.

From Newsmax:

Rick Santorum has vaulted into second place among the Republican presidential candidates, polling well into the double digits in the last month, according to two new national surveys from the leading poll outlets Rasmussen and Gallup.

Rasmussen has Santorum in second with 21 percent of likely Republican primary voters in its latest poll, just behind Mitt Romney at 29 percent.

The poll was conducted Wednesday night, a day after Santorum’s surprising second-place finish at the Iowa caucuses, in which the former Pennsylvania senator fell short of Romney by only eight votes.

The Gallup poll has Santorum’s share of the vote increasing to 11 percent, from 8 percent, in its daily tracking poll. Gallup uses a five-day rolling sample, meaning that only 20 percent of its interviews were conducted after Santorum’s showing in Iowa. That implies that Santorum polled at or just above 20 percent in interviews conducted on Wednesday alone, consistent with his standing in the Rasmussen Reports survey, The New York Times pointed out.

In the Rasmussen poll the two frontrunners were followed by Newt Gingrich at 16 percent, Ron Paul at 12 percent and Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman at 4 percent each. Santorum began November at 1 percent in the same survey, and finished the month at only 4 percent.