Podcast – It’s a Social Justice Weekend

by: Brent Smith at the Common Constitutionalist

Yes, it’s an all social justice podcast, as I discuss Nike’s decision to promote Colin Kaepernick and his bogus “Stand for Something” platform. I explain that while this may seem like a bad business decision, it really isn’t. Nike understands its target audience, and it isn’t those guys burning their shoes.

In part two of social justice weekend, I discuss the reboot of the `90s television series, Party of Five. But this time around, it’s decidedly NOT all-American. What a surprise, that a Disney channel would promote illegal immigration. read more

Winner Take All

by: the Common Constitutionalist


By now we’ve all seen it. “Winning takes care of everything”. So claims Nike in its new ad campaign to promote the resurrection of Tiger Woods. Tiger was a bag of dirt, he still may be, but now he is winning again so everything is okay. I mean let’s face it. Tiger Woods didn’t just have an affair or cheat on his wife once. He didn’t just go out and get wasted and make the mistake of a one-night stand. He dogged around with many different women for years. He doesn’t appear to like his fellow golfers, doesn’t appear to enjoy or appreciate the crowds that come out to fawn over him. Yet he wins, so people love him, cheer for him and kids, I hate to say, want to be him. It’s like an abused woman who still loves her man, after the beatings stop.

What the heck was Nike thinking? Who that developed this ad campaign thought this was a good idea? I do give them kudos if they believe that any press is good press. Nike may have gotten it right, at least as far as understanding the public and their overall gnat-like attention span.

Remember Rick Pitino. He cheated on his wife, was blackmailed by his mistress and had the audacity to call a press conference just to yell at the press. But now he’s back to his winning ways as a college basketball coach, so evidently all is forgiven. Just win baby and they’ll love ya no matter what. What a cretin.

How about Kobe Bryant, alledgedly raped a girl in a hotel room in 2003. He ultimately settled the case out of court, bought his wife a huge diamond ring and regained most of his endorsement contracts as well as resigning with the Lakers for $135 million. But he’s a winner, so everything is cool.

And there’s the sainted Baltimore Ravens linebacker, “Sugar” Ray Lewis who was linked to a murder and only avoided jail time by rolling over and testifying against his two companions. But Ray Ray is a 2 time Superbowl Champ and future Hall of Famer, so all is well. He’s now going on to work at the ESPN. (A little Waterboy humor there)

Frankly the only exception that comes to mind is Michael Vick. He was a winner; had fame and fortune and went to prison for running a dog fighting ring as well as the horrific abuse of the animals. There in lies the difference between Vick and these others dirt balls. He went to prison, did his time and paid his debt to society. He at least followed the law instead of using his money, fame and influence to escape retribution.

That brings us to the recent report of a baby born with AIDS that has been cured. That is great. Winning takes care of everything. The baby has been cured and yet we haven’t heard a peep of how the poor infant got the disease in the first place. No one seems to care. The New York Times editorial, “The Intriguing Case of a Baby Cured of H.I.V.” is a fascinating read. Fascinating, in that there is mere passing mention of Mom and none of Dad.

Was the dear Mommy a terminal crack-head? How about dear old Dad? Has anyone asked why the sainted mother or father of the cured baby would do such a thing? Did one or the other, or both know of the disease before conception? What if the cure didn’t work? What if it doesn’t last and the baby relapses? They cursed this baby with a deadly disease. But all is evidently well. The doctors, the baby and even Mom are all winners. Why taint this historic moment with such uncomfortable questions. The great thing about the cure is now Mom or Dad AIDS carrier can have more offspring and not have to worry about damning the children with a life of misery. Hooray! Maybe Nike can sponsor the next birth? Free baby shoes!

I guess this is what it is all about in todays America. Do whatever you wish, as long as you’re a winner in the end. Great lesson.