The Civil Right of Voter Fraud

by: the Common Constitutionalist


The hysteria has begun, although it never really subsided.


Like the IOC (International Olympic Committee), president declaring the Olympic Games open, so too has our beloved leader officially declared, in this election-year, the protection of voter fraud has begun.


Yes, Barack Milhouse Obama has kicked off the commencement of the seven-month full-court press to protect our “precious” right to vote and the closer we get to the upcoming midterms in November, the more ridiculous the rhetoric will become.


As an aside, some may wonder about the “Milhouse” thing. Mark Levin started it years ago, when people would complain about the use of Obama’s real middle name, Hussein. So Levin simply took Nixon’s and inserted it.


You see, the use of Hussein makes Obama sound like a terrorist, which he is, in a manner of speaking. He is, after all trying and succeeding in “blowing up” the Constitution. read more

Football and Politics

by: the Common Constitutionalist 

Imagine if you will, it is the day after the Super Bowl. Oh, that’s right, it is. Now imagine that the Broncos beat the Seahawks rather handily. Hopefully that will not actually happen. Go Seahawks!

UPDATE: Okay. Now that we know the outcome, the following sounds a bit absurd, but the moral of the story remains.


The scene is set for the morning after press conferences. And now let’s hear what some of the games losers had to say. We take you now to the Seattle Seahawks. First up – Coach Pete Carroll. “Thank you all for being here. I have a short prepare statement and will take no questions. First, I don’t think Coach Fox of the Broncos played by the rules. Second, it was the decision of me and my coaching staff not to fight hard in this game. That’s not what the American people wanted to see. We thought it more important to compromise with the Broncos staff and allow them score at will. But I say here and now. Wait until the next time we meet. We will surely make a stand and win the game. Thank you.”


“Um… Okay. Next up – the always outspoken Seahawks cornerback – Richard Sherman.” read more