Activist Comes Out

Big Shocker!

Homosexual activist wants to destroy the institution of marriage – we predicted it!

It’s not about the right to marry, it’s not about “if you love someone”. It’s not about civil rights.

Another shocker that we predicted. She doesn’t see why her kids shouldn’t have 5 parents legally. Polygamy is next – child marriages, etc.

The Demographic Tide of George Will

Contra George Will: Imposing Homosexual Marriage Not Libertarian


George Will defended CPAC this Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” but when he did so he decided to slip in propaganda for the Liberal totalitarian pansexual makeover. While I appreciated Will’s stand in such a horrible setting (his fellow guests were just ugly and arrogant), and I even concede some of his demographic claims, I still can’t let this one go by. Will said,

“What I did see at CPAC was the rise of the libertarian strand of Republicanism, which has an affected foreign policy that is a pullback from nation-building and other ambitions abroad that they never countenance from government at home, and a sense of ‘live and let live’ with subjects such as decriminalization of certain drugs and gay marriage.”

And, then in response to Republican Senator Rob Portman’s flip-flop to favor same sex marriage,

“He will not be the last, because the demographic tide here is large, powerful and [in]exorable. As I said on this program before, opposition to gay marriage is literally dying. It’s an older demographic.”

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