Podcast – New Immigration Guidelines – Harvard Says Gender Can Change Daily

The new immigration guidelines have been announced. No, not for America – for Australia. The island continent/nation has decided it has had enough and has modified its citizenship test and guidelines to stress assimilation. Among other things, they have the nerve to insist that in order to become an Australian citizen, immigrants must demonstrate the ability to speak, write and understand English. Imagine that. The Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnball adds that Australian citizenship should be honored, cherished and a privilege.

Segment two may cause a mental melt-down, as Harvard claims it to be a scientific fact that there are more than two sexes – and that the office of BLGTQ student life insists that gender is so fluid as to change as often as daily. They’ve even published, at school expense, a gender diversity guide that says so. read more

Entering College? What’s Your Gender?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Lately I’ve been hearing more conservatives say attending college may no longer be worth it. For one, it’s becoming ridiculously expense. If you were to go four years at an Ivy League or like school, it’s possible to exit with a debt of well over $300,000. I have friends in their 30’s still paying undergraduate student loans. There’s something wrong that.

That’s not to say it isn’t necessary in some cases. Science, medical, engineering, all pretty much require classroom and lab environments, but in a lot college-liberal-conservativesof cases these days, actually attending a college is no longer essential.

And then there is the wackiness factor. We right-wingers have understood for years the perils of rampant runaway leftism being thrust on our young skulls full of mush (hat tip – Rush) as they go away to school, only to be taught more about the evils of capitalism and white privilege, and the benefits of communism, multiculturalism, social justice, and gender studies than the subject matter they signed up for.

So when I read about the latest campus flap, I was not the least bit surprised.

The story actually goes back a few years but the absurdity continues. It’s regarding the University of Oregon and a new student, Elle Mallon, who wished to join a fraternity. read more