Predictably, Quarterback Brees in Hot Water Again

by: Brent Smith

Oh look! Another see we told you so. Drew Brees, quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, is finding out. You can never be woke enough. And if you are a former Republican white guy, you will never be treated the same as they do fellow leftists.

I was going to say “conservative” in the sentence above, but I honestly don’t know how conservative Drew Brees is.

But none of that really matters at this point, as Brees is finding out. Brees compromised his values, just once to the left, and he was done. He can never go back to who he once was.

This should be a lesson to all on the right who may ever consider just going along to get along, thinking, in this new ultra-woke environment, that “I’ll just give in to this one thing, this one time.”

There’s no such thing as giving in to the mob just once and thinking they’ll leave you alone.

from the Blaze:

Saints delete tweet showing Drew Brees in #SayHerName shirt after complaints it was for pro-Trump shooting victim Ashli Babbitt

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