Your Government has been Lying to You Man!

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

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We often hear the refrain of, “Your government is lying to you,” in spy movies and from conspiracy nuts.

Picture the seen – two people in an intense situation. They don’t know if they will make it out of the predicament they find themselves in. One appears to be in denial. The other grabs him by the collar of his jacket and shakes him, saying, “Don’t you get it? All this time your government has been lying to you man!”

Yet somehow in real life we “don’t get it,” and those who are attempting to uncover the lies are labeled as conspiracy theorists – or worse.

Of course some out there are and should be labeled as such. One certainly comes to mind – a certain Alex Jones, who seems to develop a new conspiracy hypothesis every week. But hey – even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Others like Tom Fitton’s Judicial Watch and Mark Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation are completely legit and should be trusted almost implicitly. When they say something is amiss – 99 times of 100, something is indeed amiss.

And once again Mr. Fitton’s organization has discovered that our government “has been lying to you man!”

Recall the harmless tarmac meeting between the Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton in late June, 2016? Most have thought this to be a dead issue. Both Lynch, also known by her alias Elizabeth Carlisle, and Clinton described the meeting as nothing but chit-chat – similar to Hillary’s 30,000 emails pertaining to yoga and recipes.

Well, it wasn’t just harmless chit-chat. If it were, why would then Director Comey’s FBI lie about having or not having documents. The Blaze reports that, “The FBI has ‘uncovered’ documents related to the June 2016 Arizona tarmac meeting between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton, despite previously claiming documents about the rendezvous didn’t exist.”

Notice the accurate wording of the Blaze. It’s not that the FBI, meaning Comey, said they’re not sure or have no recollection. No – they claimed that no such documents existed. Yet it was only through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) petition, that the feds just miraculously “found” 30 new pages pertaining to the meeting. SHAZAM!

This is criminal. How is it that people still put such trust in our public sector, when time and again, withheld information is only revealed by force of law, via the FOIA? Ask yourself where we would be without this safeguard. Answer: being ruled entirely by a shadow government instead of just partially. Sheesh! I sound like Alex Jones.

And the FBI didn’t “uncover” the documents – they were hiding them. It was only after the Justice Department released its documents, through a separate FOIA request on the meeting, that the FBI began to feel the heat. The FBI knew they would have no choice but to magically “discover” the 30 pages.

“The FBI is out of control. It is stunning that the FBI ‘found’ these Clinton-Lynch tarmac records only after we caught the agency hiding them in another lawsuit,” Fitton said. Oh look – here they are. They must have mistakenly been paper clipped to the back of these other documents.

Imagine the time, effort and money – our money – being wasted on the ridiculous open-ended ruse of Trump colluding with Russia. All the while real criminal behavior by our “trusted” public servants goes both unchecked and uninvestigated. It’s more than disheartening. It’s downright scary.

I guess the follow up to this should be: when will WE get to see these 30 UNREDACTED pages?

3 comments on “Your Government has been Lying to You Man!

  1. Is this supposed to be news? This lie was quite obvious. However, over the years we have learned of countless instances when the government has lied.

    It would be news if they were telling the truth.

    • Articles like these are not necessarily aimed at folks like you who are already in the know. In that case, consider it a confirmation.

  2. Still too danged many ‘fellow travelers’ embedded in gov’t’s agencies acting as agents provocateur. Trump still has not sufficiently cleaned house and replaced all potential nominees–or simply eliminated those positions and the useful idiot tool waiting to strike for “the cause’ …or something.

    Gov’t cannot tell us the whole truth. I know and accept that. But our so called “intelligence” agencies of which the FBI is but one, have mostly all long believed they were running foreign [and often domestic] policy though they had to do it through political dupes/puppets. They’ve “tailored” their stuff to show what they want it to show, lied, cheated, committed actual crimes including lying under oath…live on effing TV!! and more. They have become to some extent a rogue shadow gov’t competing with the duly elected constitutional one for control.

    Though the same problem of embedded ‘enemies’ exists throughout every branch and all agencies and departments down to housekeeping and maintenance, one of the most worrisome is the IC. They are supposed to provide vital and entirely truthful [provable] facts and reasoned, honest analysis–not manipulation. They, at least the top tier and key lower ones stopped doing that a long time ago…have been lying sacks of excrement advancing their own agenda. I don’t know what their ultimate goal is other than they would gain more and more power and control. Somehow I doubt we little people would fare well regardless of the type of tyranny. The :folks” never do.

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