WND Exclusive – Would the ‘Squad’ use an Israel-developed coronavirus vaccine?

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

Will anti-Semites, like those in the “Squad,” reject a COVID-19 vaccine if it is developed by Israel?

Regarding the coronavirus, as things improve in China, things will likely worsen in America. However, they are not likely to get as bad as it is in others countries, like Italy.

But we have to be careful about comparisons. The effects of this virus are apparently amplified in the elderly and those with pre-existing health issues.

What isn’t widely publicized is that Italy’s median age is much higher than other European nations, thus it is being hit much harder than nations with younger overall populations.

That being said, the reason why things are improving in China while worsening in the U.S. and elsewhere is the timeline.

COVID-19 began in China and developed almost two months earlier than anywhere else.
It is known that most if not all of these types of illnesses (viruses) follow a pattern, or bell curve, otherwise known as Farr’s law.

In 1840, Dr. William Farr discovered that epidemics follow a pattern and can be tracked via a bell curve.

Bell curve

Following the bell curve, epidemics “exhibit a sharp increase in cases at the beginning of the cycle, a peak, and then a decline in cases and a return to baseline.”

The peak is reached as people “modify their behavior to avoid getting sick, and those who do get sick seek medical attention.”

China is now, at least it appears, on the descending side of the curve. Chinese authorities have begun reporting a steep decline in confirmed cases.

Unfortunately, the United States is about 50 days behind China. This means we are still on the ascending side of the curve and should fully expect a drastic increase in confirmed cases.

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