WND Exclusive – Mueller’s Crushers

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There is no way Trump should even consider sitting down with Mueller’s team and answering his set of inane and hopelessly open-ended gotcha questions.

The founders never intended for a sitting president to be indicted, tried criminally, or jailed. If they had, they would have included it the Constitution, or at the very least, would have debated the idea during the Convention in 1787. It’s not that they simply forgot to add it.

Instead they established a simple means for removing the president through the impeachment (House of Representatives – Article I, Section 2, clause 5) and removal process (Senate – Article I, Section 3, clause 7). By simple, I mean that like most of the Constitution, it is easy to understand, not easy to execute.

So for the special national overseer of everything good and just, Robert Mueller, to think he can just demand things of President Trump, or any president, he is out of his mind. He cannot. And twice it was upheld by Justice Department legal counsel memoranda to that effect, once during the Nixon administration and one in the Clinton Justice Department, and explained in detail by Mark Levin.

Interestingly, back in July 2017, the New York Times thought it had uncovered a bombshell document from the Ken Starr investigation of Bill Clinton.

Starr wrote: “It is proper, constitutional, and legal for a federal grand jury to indict a sitting president for serious criminal acts that are not part of, and are contrary to, the president’s official duties,” the Starr office memo concludes. “In this country, no one, even President Clinton, is above the law.”

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