Will the RNC Get Tough with Trump?

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

The Politico, the go-to site of the establishment wing of the Republican Party writes that, “The GOP is taking its most aggressive step yet to force Donald Trump’s hand.” This is what they call aggressive?

Anyway, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has gotten Donald Trump to sign the pledge not to go third party if he ends up not winning the nomination, and also pledging to back the nominee, whoever it ends up being.

In another article, the Politico writes that, “In the short term, it clears the way for his [Trump] name to appear on primary ballots and addresses the concerns of Republican voters turned off by his initial unwillingness to pledge his fealty to the party,” because when comes down to it, we all know, it always comes down to the “party.” Not the country – just the party.

And what “voters” were turned off? Judging by the polls and Trump’s double digit lead in most, it looks like wishful thinking to say he has “turned off voters.” Three or four times thus far, the establishment has quietly cheered the death blows Trump has landed on himself, only to witness his popularity rise with every supposed blunder.

Now, according to Trump, there was no quid pro quo for his signature on the RNC pledge. He claimed he received “absolutely nothing,” that he “just wanted fairness from the Republican Party.”Trump-signs-GOP-pledge-getty-200x150

Well Donald – you’re not going to get it from the RNC.

There’s no question that they resent The Donald for disrupting the coronation of Prince Jeb, the establishment darling. I also have no doubt that the RNC knows it must somehow find leverage in dealing with him.

Thus far, the RNC has appeared relatively quiet regarding Trump, but make no mistake – they have their best attack dogs plotting and planning some sort of offensive. They certainly can’t leave it up to their weak-kneed candidate, Jeb.

So the first thing they had to do was to get Trump to publically state he will not go third party and will support the eventual candidate.

I wonder if Reince Priebus and the hacks at the RNC will also sign their own pledge to support the nominee, if it happens not to be one of their choosing. Maybe someone should ask.

So they got Teflon Donald to sign the pledge – and did so by instructing various state Republican Party bosses to announce that all candidates must sign the pledge to qualify for their state’s primary. South Carolina did just that last week. Virginia and North Carolina appear more than likely to follow suit.

No where is it reported that the RNC exerted any influence on these state party leaders, but come on. The timing is just a bit too coincidental. You know darn well calls were made.

I don’t yet know what the RNC has planned next, but I do know they will expend more effort trying to prevent Trump, or Cruz, or anyone who won’t tow the establishment line, from becoming the nominee, than they will trying to win the general election. The “pledge” is just the first volley.

The RNC would rather lose, than allow a non-establishment candidate to become the party standard bearer.

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