Tolerance of the Intolerant

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I’ve seen my share of hypocritical people and groups over the years.  Generally, it’s the people that scream the loudest about injustices that are the ones most guilty of injustices themselves.  It seems no one else is entitled to have their own opinion if it differs from those doing the screaming.

People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are so fast to point the racial prejudice finger at anyone else, but I find their actions and words to be among the most racially hateful and bigoted I’ve ever seen.  Following the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, blacks across the nation were taking their racial justice out on whites, even when George Zimmerman is half Hispanic.  The ones yelling race the loudest proved to be the most racially intolerant.

Yet, none of that holds a candle to the absolute intolerance of homosexual activists.  One of their biggest grievances with the rest of the world is that we are intolerant of their lifestyle.  In the past decade, homosexual activists have filed numerous lawsuits based on intolerance of others.  They have pushed to become accepted as a normal lifestyle.  They have caused the military to accept them.  They have been getting more states to legalize their civil unions or marriages.  They have gotten the public schools to start teaching students across the nation that homosexuality is normal .  They are even pushing their ways on churches, businesses and government offices.

When companies like J.C. Penney, Sears, Target, Starbucks and others, embrace homosexual marriage, they are praised by the homosexual community as well as the national media.  But let one company make a stand for traditional marriage and all the activists go on the war path. Basically, all hell breaks loose.

Last week, Dan Cathy, president of Chick-fil-A announced that they are a family owned business (that means they’re privately owned) and that they still embrace and endorse traditional marriage.  The rabid homosexual crowd instantly declared war on the Christian based company as they have with so many others.  They have gone so far as to declare organizations that continue to embrace traditional marriage as hate groups and accuse them of being intolerant.

If you disagree with homosexual activists, you are part of a hate group.  If they disagree with you, they will take you to court, sue you and force you to accept their lifestyle.  In other words, it is their way or no way. 

When you weigh it all out, homosexual activists are the most intolerant group of people in the world today, save for radical islamists.


4 comments on “Tolerance of the Intolerant

  1. I don’t think it’s intolerant to not put up with people who hate you and would deny you the life you as an individual deserve as any other human being. I’m not trying to play the gay card here, but as a (probably) straight male, you can’t really understand what it feels like to be excluded from love and companionship in the way that these religious organisations seek to do. While the term ‘hate group’ is most likely too far, I do support the notion of public praise for those companies brave enough to openly support the recognition of what is a legitimate part of the human race, a different love. I do resent the use of ‘their lifestyle’ throughout this post. Saying that implied some kind of choice, and it’s almost like saying ‘white lifestyle’ as if all white people do all the same things all the time.

    That said, I do agree that the gay community in general most likely has a bit to answer for on hypocrisy grounds. I’m sure that a lot of gay people do, like most people in general, harbour some level of discriminatory beliefs, which I don’t think is okay, but our beefs with gay people are quite different.

      • I didn’t say that you hate me. The ‘gays’ aren’t trying to shove anything down your throat by defending that which is their right by virtue of being human, dignity and respect. If in fact they are throwing around hate speech in this case, which I personally don’t think they are, it’s simply a reaction to hate speech ‘innocently’ being spewed out by Christian groups. You act as if saying something as ‘simple’ as “we support traditional marriage” and “marriage is between a man and a woman” is innocent, when in fact it within itself is packaged hate speech. By saying you support a traditional marriage you are saying that the relationships between men and men and women and women are wrong, and that they don’t deserve the legal recognition of a hetrosexual relationship. How can you imagine you would feel if someone told you your love was wrong? That is was disgusting and ugly, and less than the love of others? As if the feelings you have for your partner are ‘not as good’ based on their sex. That is hate speech, simply brought in a seeming harmless package. Gay people fight against this, because it’s worth fighting against, because it’s wrong but people so easily defend the other side because they are ‘just stating their opinion’ and apparently that makes it okay. But their opinion isn’t valid. When commenting on marriage, you are commenting on everyone, and you in fact are forcing your views on everyone else. Gay people aren’t trying to shove their ‘lifestyle’ down your throat, they are just fighting to stop the rest of society from not letting them have their lives, and to live without people attacking them for what comes naturally to them.

  2. it’s amazing that this crap goes on for real: we don’t even need to make it up! day by day the leftist radicals become more intolerant of anyone who doesn’t see eye to eye with them,completely. how can you label someone with ‘hate speech’, just because they disagree with you? last time i checked, it’s a just a differing viewpoint. also, i think one of the reasons ‘straights’ get annoyed at ‘gays’ is because you don’t see straights parading around, trying to shove THEIR livestyle down gays throats, but you do see gays parading around trying to shove THEIR lifestyle down straights throats.therein lies the hypocrisy! here in our own backyard,kirk cameron is being vilified for not showing ‘tolerance’toward the gay community,but the gay community isn’t being asked at all to show respect and tolerance for his viewpoint. hypocrisy.

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