The Republicans are Lucy and We are Charlie Brown

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by: Brent Smith

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It appears that the Republicans are showing their soft underside again. And it is also evident that very few of them have learned a thing from the last 3-1/2 years of the Trump presidency – namely how to fight back and do it publically without concern of voter “backlash.” Which of course never comes, as we’ve learned from the president.

Christopher Bedford at the Federalist writes that, beyond a bi-partisan agreement to provide free coronavirus testing, “Washington politicians appear poised to fail the country once again, agreeing Friday evening to a one-sided and partisan coronavirus bill disguised as compromise. It’s not a shock to any conservatives in Washington and probably isn’t surprising to Republican voters either. They’re used to betrayal.”

Oh, the Republicans always start out gangbusters, as they did this past Friday, proposing aid packages for struggling small businesses in the form of no-interest loans and a rollback of the payroll tax. Predictably, the dems did what they do – introduced a package of giveaways to extend the welfare state.

But as predictably as the Sun rising, the dems got virtually everything on their wish list and Republicans got bupkis.

Bedford writes that as far as what the Republicans wanted, a promise was issued that, “Those will come later, we’re told. We’re always told that, and it almost never happens.”

It’s like the Peanuts cartoon, where Lucy holds the football for Charlie Brown to kick. Everyone knows what will happen – she pulls the ball away just as he attempts the kick, but Charlie Browns tries it anyway. You may be thinking that Lucy is the dems and Charlie Brown is the GOP. You’d be wrong. Lucy is the Republicans and Charlie Brown is the voters. After all, we’re the ones who never actually learn by continuing to reelect these spineless bums.

All of the Republicans in both the House and Senate know how to do, save for a few fighters, is capitulate to the wishes of the bully democrats, and then whine about it. Or whine about it and then surrender.

It’s small wonder why Mark Levin coined the term years ago – French Republicans. All they do is surrender at the first sign of push back.

Admittedly, the Republicans in the House are presently in the minority, but that never stops the dems.

It’s like the Republicans in both chambers have yet to figure out, after decades of the same old thing, that there is no negotiating with democrats – there is no such thing as compromise.

As Rush Limbaugh has said, probably thousands of times over the years, the democrats are not interested in either negotiation or compromise. They want they want and that’s the end of it. Limbaugh says these people, the dems, are not friends or allies, or even opponents. They are the enemy of America and the people and as such, must be defeated.

President Trump, the “rookie” politician gets it. He understands better than Congress and the Senate that he needs to take the fight to the dems, to publically call them out – do whatever is necessary to render them as impotent as he is able. It’s why he is so effective and why the dems hate him with the intensity of a thousand white-hot Suns (h/t: Glenn Beck).

The Washington Post reports, “that the legislation agreed to Friday … would be followed by further relief measures. That could, potentially, include some version of the broad payroll tax cut sought by the president.”

Translation: This will NEVER happen. After the democrats get what they want, the “negotiations” are over – period. And the small business owner will be hung out to dry in favor, once again, of further growing the welfare state. And, by the way – once the additional giveaways are in place, they will become permanent.

The democrats know what the Republicans have never learned. Never let a Good Crisis go to waste. And barring anything unforeseen, they’ve once again played it to perfection.