The Naïveté of Conservative Politicians (part two)

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Yesterday, I released part one: If you missed it, you may read it here.

 Continuing with Senator Marco Rubio’s attempt to convince us to follow him to the immigration promised land.

Rubio says we must first modernize our legal immigration system. I frankly don’t know what that even means, because no one, including Rubio, ever explains whsorry-its-the-lawat is so wrong with our current immigration laws. I do know one thing. We have thousands of immigration laws and most, if not all, are not enforced.

Is it just me, or does anyone else recall these politicians taking an oath to uphold the laws on the books? What a naïve notion, I know.

Rubio says he supports family-based migration. Family migration sounds to me, a bit like chain migration, where one family member is admitted and drags the entire family along with him. Not good.

He says, “We need a functional guest worker program so that, in times of low unemployment and rapid economic growth, our industries have the labor they need to continue growing.”

Times of low unemployment? Rapid economic growth? What, is he joking? As more and more progressives on both sides of the aisle gain a death grip on our government, low unemployment and private sector growth won’t be a concern.

Rubio adds, “Over 40% of our illegal immigrants entered legally and overstayed their visas. That’s why we need to have a complete system of tracking the entry and exit of visitors.”

I suppose the 40% just go underground after their visas expire? Not hardly. I’m sure we already have methods of finding them, our government just chooses not to. If one were to look hard enough I’m sure they would find a law pertaining to this that simply isn’t being followed. Also, anytime you hear a phrase like “complete system” oLatinos for Obamar “comprehensive system”, think “purposely-complicated” system with a ton of loopholes hidden in it.

Rubio says, “And we need to achieve control of our borders. This is not just an immigration issue; this is a national security and sovereignty issue. The southern border is actually divided into nine separate sectors. There has been progress made some sectors and not enough on others. We need to establish the high probability of intercepting illegals crossing in each of these sectors in a timely and effective manner.” Hooray! I finally, completely agree. I don’t agree that it needs to be part of a “Comprehensive Immigration Policy”. It should be a standalone initiative and nothing should be done before this is achieved. When a boat springs a leak you don’t start to bail first, you plug the leak first and then bail the water out. We need to plug the leak first.

Rubio goes on to explain, “We have to deal with those who are here without documents. I am not happy about the fact that we face this problem. But we do. Most of these are people who will be here for the rest of their lives with or without documents, so it is in our best interest to deal with them and to make sure this never happens again.”

And… He’s completely lost me. The entire statement is a crock and that “can not do” attitude is quite attractive also. So the right hand of the Republican Party concedes that 11 million criminal aliens will spend the rest of their lives in America. At the same time, the left hand claims to be able to prevent it from ever happening again. Do I have that correct?

Frankly, I don’t need to hear anymore from Sen. Rubio or any other politician that tells me, with a straight face, that we can allow these illegals to stay and somehow prevent others from coming in. It didn’t work in ‘86 when the lefties lied to Reagan about securing the border and it’s not going to work now.deport

I also just laugh at the want to enact new legislation. What good will new laws do if we already have laws up the wazzoo our ruling class chooses not to follow? More worthless laws won’t help.

I don’t wish to sound defeatist but until we rid ourselves of progressive representatives and an administration that fancies itself a monarchy, we have zero chance of accomplishing what needs to be done. That being, the sealing of our borders and the expulsion of all whom illegally entered our country and any offspring born here after the fact.

But, you may say; I’ve heard it would be impossible to find them all and extremely expensive to even try. Well, you’d be wrong on both counts. Last year Homeland Security admitted that it would be possible to find and deport all illegals but would cost over $135 billion. We couldn’t afford that, until you find out that it costs around $115 billion per year (and climbing) to keep them here. So, suck it up, spend the money and deport them. Then spend several more billion to really secure the border and in two years the entire endeavor has paid for itself. Problem solved. Then, and only then can we begin to work on a legal immigration system that will actually benefit us.

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