The Left No Longer Needs the Antifa Brown Shirts

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by: Brent Smith

Well … who couldn’t have seen this coming. We should have. I sure did, and I predicted it. It’s just history repeating itself.

When the Nazi’s were busy wresting power from the German government of the Weimar Republic , they sent out the Brown Shirts to “do their dirty work.” The Nazis, told the Brown Shirts, who were communists, that were indeed allies. I n fact the color red in the Nazi flag was a wink and a nod to the communists. And the communists fell for it.

The Brown Shirts were quite successful at the tasks they were assigned , namely bullying others into submitting to the Nazi way, for want of a better term.

The Nazi Party knew from the start that there could be only one way, and only one party in charge. They were using the Brown Shirts to achieve their ends. They would not allow competing parties, nor competing ideologies, no matter how similar.

And in the end, when the Nazis no longer needed the Brown Shirts, they did away with them and their leadership. And by “did away with,” I mean murdered every last one of them.

Short of the “murder” part, history is repeating. The dictatorial left has determined that Antifa is of little use to them anymore, and in fact would likely become a detriment, so they are having their social media thugs dispatch them, as it were.

from the New York Post:

Twitter suspends Antifa accounts with more than 71K followers

Twitter has suspended several popular Antifa accounts with more than 71,000 followers combined following Inauguration Day riots.

At least four accounts tied with the militant group have been yanked offline — @JewishWorker, @RevAbolition, @RevAbolitionNYC and @TheBaseBK, the account for the anarchist center in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Archived web pages of the accounts show they shared more than 71,000 followers and dated as far back as 2012.

Their pages now read “Account suspended” for violating Twitter rules.

Antifa Sacramento railed against The Base’s suspension on its own Twitter.

“Our comrades w The Base (@TheBasebk), an anarchist social center in Brooklyn, NY of 9 years now took this Twitter thing seriously. Reaching a platform of 17k followers they pushed a very specific line where politics were never blurred. Today, Twitter took their account down, and now theres a void,” the group tweeted Thursday.

ANTIFA protesters demonstrate on the University of Utah campus in 2017.Twitter has been cracking down on accounts belonging to extremist groups and those that peddle conspiracy theories following the Jan. 6 siege on the US Capitol.

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