Spendthrift House & Senate

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from the American Spectator:

Sometimes posturing proves bad for posture. Standing for eight hours in four-inch heels strikes as just one of those times.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi grandstanded on immigration in the well of the House of Representatives on Wednesday. The media hailed the lengthy harangue as unprecedented. But surely this comes as not the first time a preachy liberal promised to take just one minute of your time only to conclude the lecture eight hours later.

The 77-year-old ignoring her mother’s advice to wear sensible shoes nonsensically wishes to block a budgetary bill because it neither includes, nor links to any forthcoming vote on, legislation granting citizenship to millions of people who came here illegally. Whether one thinks it a good or bad idea to convey citizenship upon people brought to this country illegally as children seems beside the point. Pelosi engaged in non sequitur politics, which hijacks an important issue with demands stemming from an unrelated concern. By such logic, legislators might now attempt to block any bill because they object to some other law.

One might understand better if budget hawks carried on for eight hours inveighing against the deal, which meshes seamlessly with Pelosi’s vision of a larger federal government.

The agreement, when hammered out between House and Senate, figures to add $400 billion or so in federal spending over the next two years with nothing in revenue or cuts to offset the increase.

“This spending bill is a debt junkie’s dream,” Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) opined. “I’m not only a ‘No,’ I’m a ‘Hell no.’”

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  2. ” Pelosi drew the ire of the president for her comments on ABC’s “This Week,” where she called Trump the “deflector in chief,” arguing that some of his more attention-grabbing maneuvers were a distraction from the absence of a jobs-creating infrastructure plan.

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