Oh Good, Another Debate

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Well, last night, in fabulous Las Vegas, was debate number 9,006, I think.

I thought Romney was not as smooth as he has been. Everyone has a bad game from time to time. Just ask Tom Brady.

Anyway, he stammered more than usual. Repeating, “Are you going to let me talk?”, got a little old. He’ll have to find a better way to handle that, in my opinion.

Perry looked a little bit angry. My guess is, his handlers told him he had to be more aggressive. One can be aggressive without being angry. Newt seems to pull it off. Perry just doesn’t seem prepared. To me, he appears to not know much. He has his prepackaged energy speech & that’s about it. I’m stunned he has been able to raise as much money as he has. He’ll stay in it because of that.

Cain took the arrows early over his 9-9-9 plan. People like it because is bold & unconventional. He will have to learn how to break it down & explain it better or he may begin to fall back again. He definitely has the “likability” factor. He also has the “relatability” factor. People think of him more as the regular guy of the group. That has & should continue to serve him well.

Someone, I think Santorum, finally brought up the Romneycare advisors & Obamacare connection. Romney simply deflected it by saying, once again, that he’ll repeal Obamacare. There was no follow-up. Unfortunate. Santorum, like Perry, seems angry. He’s getting no traction, so that is probably why. I can’t believe he’ll be able to last much longer.

It does appear to be shaping up as a Romney vs. Not Romney fight. We just don’t have the “Not Romney” guy yet. Notice I said guy. Michele Bachmann can’t last too much longer.
I love her ideas, but her debate skills suck. Her plea to Mothers last night was absurd. Talk about identity politics. It may have resonated with some, but I didn’t care for it. Answer the dang question you’re asked or explain why you won’t. Don’t just go off on a tangent.

Speaking of identity politics, I was happy to see none of the candidates got sucked into the, I’m a Latino, what will you do for us, group-think nonsense.

One thing I noticed throughout all these debates. All but 2 of the Candidates on stage had prepared & practiced statements & retorts. The 2 that didn’t were Ron Paul & Newt Gingrich. Herman Cain spoke somewhat extemporaneously, but not nearly as much as Paul or Gingrich. Why is that & why do I even bring it up? I bring it up because it is an important quality, to be able to think on ones feet, particularly in the heat of battle, as it were.

The two of them don’t get flustered. I agree with Ron Paul on a lot of domestic issues, but he loses me too often, like immigration, foreign policy & a host of others. He is who he is and he’s fine with that & it shows.

In these debates, however, Newt is a man amongst boys. He doesn’t have to prepare like the others & it’s obvious. The old (and true) saying, knowledge is power & knowledge breeds confidence, applies to this guy. Thus far he is the only one that has been able to demonstrate an expertise on every topic. I wouldn’t want to debate him.

And the Winner is………….Newt.

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