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Let’s Treat Government Like a Sporting Event

Can anyone honestly say that a President Trump would accept not pushing some agenda item he really wanted because it just happened to be unconstitutional?

No, of course not. He would charge his legal team, as Obama does, with finding other historic yet unconstitutional precedents and point to those as justification for his actions. Or like past presidents, just make it up or ignore the document completely.

Witness the way Trump acts with people who become his enemies just because they dare speak out. Imagine what he will do to a piece of parchment that can’t defend itself and has so few these days to do so on its behalf.

For those who think I’m just trashing Trump because I’m a Cruz guy – you’re right! Just kidding. He just happens to be the front-runner and as such is garnering all the attention. If it were Bush, Christie or someone else who I thought would govern unconstitutionally, I would say the same thing. My allegiance is to the founding documents, not to any one man or men (or women) – and that also goes for Ted Cruz.

But still, I’m sure many of you are getting tired of reading and hearing about Constitution this and Constitution that – but it’s really important. It is the only thing that has saved this country thus far from becoming a monarchy, a European socialist cesspool, or full-on dictatorship. That one document more than any other has set us apart and above all other forms of governance throughout the world.

If it were being adhered to, we would barely hear of it, nor would dopes like me have to keep bringing it up. But sadly, we have to keep bringing it up, defending it and educating the public on its brilliance and importance. It is the rule book for our country, and we’re not following it.

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