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Is Newt the right choice for Trump?

The rumor mill is cranking into high gear wondering who Trump is likely to choose as his running mate. So far several names have surfaced.

The L.A. Times wrote, “Trump has benefited from his outsider status, but the billionaire businessman has said his vice-presidential pick will likely have political experience.” And we all know what that means. In case you don’t, this is why having political experience is important to The Donald. He recently told George Stephanopoulos during an interview on “Good Morning America”: “I would like to have somebody who could truly be good with respect to dealing with the Senate and dealing with Congress – getting legislation passed. Working toward something where we’re not signing executive orders every three days like President Obama does.”

One prominent name that is evidently on the Trumpster’s short list is Newt Gingrich. I really like Newt. He appears personable and likable. He’s been on the scene for decades and appears to get along with everyone. He is extremely intelligent and obviously, as a former speaker of the House, knows more than most how to navigate legislative waters.

He’s also an avid and knowledgeable historian, something that can be quite helpful. And unlike many – such as Joe Biden or John Kerry – when he enters a room, he really is the smartest guy.

Still, I’ll bet you can sense a “but” coming on. You’d be right – and it’s a big one. But … Newt is not a constitutional conservative. Not even close. This will come as a surprise to most, but he is quite the opposite. Newt, like his potential boss and running mate, is a big-government progressive. In that respect, he would be the perfect selection for The Donald.

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