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I’ve been a Ted Cruz guy from before day one – admiring him, Mike Lee and a few others for standing up to the Washington machine from the minute they showed up in D.C. No one in recent memory has had more of an impact on the Beltway cartel than he – and in such a short period of time.

Cruz told the people of Texas what he would do if elected, and enough of them liked and believed what he said. And unlike virtually every other politician, he has done what he promised – to fight the unconstitutionality of the federal government. This makes Cruz a public servant – not a politician.

One of the advantages of living in New Hampshire at this time is the access we have to presidential candidates. Last Thursday, I took advantage and attended a “New Hampshire Discussion on Addiction and the Heroin Epidemic.” I stress that this was not a Ted Cruz campaign event.

This tiny state with a population smaller than that of most cities has been rocked recently by the heroin epidemic. So I decided to go and see what the speakers, Cruz included, had to say about the problem and any ideas they might have to solve it. The two speakers I was most interested in hearing were Ted and the Democrat governor of Vermont, Peter Shumlin, who is supporting Hillary.

Everyone, myself included, agreed that the problem is real. Gov. Shumlin immediately started in on how great Hillary was – that she called him out of the blue and asked what could be done. He said he was stunned that Hillary didn’t say a word – she just listened. She is such a good listener. We know this from her listening tour of years ago.

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