Jobs for Everyone!

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“We must pass the American Jobs Act” commands King Barack. “This bill”, he said, will “put more people back to work and put more money in the pockets of working Americans.

Joe Biden, who may be the dumbest politician to ever hold office, effectively said if we don’t pass the bill more people will be raped, robbed & murdered. Could you imagine if a republican had said that?

Let’s take a look at just one of the points of the so-called Job creating bill. It gives a $4,000 one time credit to an employer for hiring the long-term unemployed. The employer will not be able to discriminate against the currently unemployed. Sounds great. You, as an employer, will hire a person for a lousy 4 thousand one time credit. That makes good business sense. What assurances are there that you won’t be sued for discrimination if you don’t hire one of these long-term unemployed workers. None! Ambulance chasing lawyers will be lining up for that gig.

Anyway, according to Harry Reid, “It’s very clear that private sector jobs are doing just fine.” So I guess it’s just the public sector that’s suffering.

I’m all for hiring more Police, Firefighters & teachers, etc., if we can afford it. The problem is these are jobs that can’t pay for themselves. By hiring them, you’ve created a job but not wealth. Where does their pay come from? Our taxes. You have to confiscate money from the private sector to pay the people working in the public sector. But wait, these people pay taxes too, don’t they? Doesn’t that contribute to the overall tax base? No, it does not. If anything one could look at their tax contribution as a slight discount of our burden. These are all local issues anyway and the Feds have no business involving themselves.

I recall, during the Clinton administration, Bill touted his 100,000 police hiring initiative. It was a great success. First it never got close to 100,000 policeman. Second, it payed for only one year. What do we think happened? You got it. A lot of unemployed policeman the following year when the cities & towns figured out they were stuck with the bill & couldn’t pay for the additional manpower.

This is the kind of thing that happens when people don’t think things through.

I almost forgot a little statistic Harry Reid left out of his speech about the private vs. public sector. Federal government employees now total 2,128 million, up 13.5% the last two years under Obama. Private sector jobs are down 2.5 million under Obama’s rule. Who’s suffering again?

Let’s face facts. This isn’t about jobs. It never was. It’s about maintaining & growing public sector unions & the dues they pay that are in turn funnelled back to the democrat party. That’s what the last stimulus fund was for & that’s what this one is for. Simple as that.

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