High Tea at the O.K. Corral

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John Boehner & his leadership group of faux conservatives sure did put up a powerful big fight! Right.

Some honest people have been looking into this cave of Boehner & his buds over the tax extension fight between the House & Senate.

As usual, the Devil (and I mean Devil) is in the details.

It was surely a win for the lefties, but I think also for the progressive right. I think it was a nice little reminder that the Tea Party holds no sway in that there town.

A Hollywood Director couldn’t have choreographed that show any better. Maybe it was just show. It’s almost as if this whole scenario was scripted. Let’s recap.

The House, led by John Boehner [the good guy (white hat)] passes a yearlong extension of the Social Security tax cut & extension of unemployment benefits. The right hails them as heroes! The Senate, led by [Dirty] Harry Reid [the bad guy (black hat)] passes a lousy 2-month extension, insists they will not negotiate and leave town a few days before the Christmas break.

Boehner boldly says he will stick to his guns & says no deal to the Senate. They must come back & deal with him. Conservatives roundly applaud him. Hooray for the good guy!

In step the squishy Senate moderates, led by Mitch McConnell. They insist a deal must get done. He says the House should take the deal & fight it out in March with the banditos in the Senate. Boehner will not capitulate. Figuring Big John Boehner will hold out, members of the House begin to leave town for Christmas.

My theory is, when he (Boehner) & his cohorts thought it was safe, they pulled the old switcharoo.

The Speaker agreed to pass the two-month extension on Friday morning by unanimous consent, a fast-track procedural maneuver that guarantees passage unless lawmakers book plane tickets and fly back to Washington in time to object. Game-set-match. I guess the white of Boehner’s hat was just the wrapping paper. Peel that away & it’s as black as Dirty Harry’s.

“Given the late hour of notification, there’s no way I can make it,” said Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R., Kansas).
“I’m disappointed. That’s not the process by which I thought we would consider things like this,” he said, adding, “This is the kind of stuff that people hate about Washington.”

It gets worse. In Washington, it always does.

Seems the $33 billion, lousy two-month package is set to be paid for with fees charged by mortgage financiers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac over 10 years.

“The policy is horrific,” said Rep. Mo Brooks (R., Ala.), “increasing the costs of mortgages hurts homeowners of all incomes,” adding “it’s hard to figure out how the senators could have done worse–all for two months.”

In other words, Republicans have “caved” by agreeing to increase mortgage fees for 10 years in order to fund a mere two months worth of tiny tax cuts. Instead of taxes being raised January 1, they go up March 1 instead, while the higher mortgage fees endure for a decade. Brilliant. And to score this great political achievement, the House speaker is willing to use Pelosi and Reid-style procedural tricks to exclude the toughest opposition from the vote. Awesome!

This is the kind of inside-the-beltway crap we are all so tired of. How many times do we have to suffer disappointment to get angry enough to actually throw the bums out?

Except for a few select members, mostly freshmen, they all must go!

Attribution: Joel McDurmon

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