Defense is Overrated

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I was reading an article in AlJazeera as to why the U.S. economy is in turmoil. I know what you’re thinking, but Hilary told us they were a true unbiased news agency. I thought, hey, if you can’t believe her, who can you believe. They write, “The US massively wastes money and resources in three critical areas, especially when compared with our international competitors: military spending, health care, and energy/transportation. First off, our? But I digress. I agree we do waste a lot of money but I wasn’t aware our military was competing with anyone (enemies not withstanding). Rather than tackle all three points, I’ve decided to concentrate on the first, military spending.

AlJazeera continues with, “The US spends as much money on its defense budget as the next twenty nations combined, and three times more than all conceivable enemies combined. Is that level of spending really necessary to secure the homeland and global stability?” I bet that’s probably true, that we spend more than all those other countries combined. But why? Well, there are a couple of reasons. One is what they describe as payola. “It’s a major source of pork for the use of politicians in their re-election campaigns.” I concur. There have been projects the military didn’t even want but were rammed through due to political pressure. The second reason is more important to understand. Most of those other countries don’t have to spend near the amount for the fact they have barely a military. They have us to protect them. In some cases, through treaties, they are barred from major military build up. That, in my opinion, must change. We are chumps for allowing these other countries to skate while we protect them. If they want our help, they can pay protection money (a little Mafia lingo). It’s interesting to note that plenty of these other countries are broke anyway. Knowing they don’t have to pay to defend themselves, they can’t shovel money into social programs. That’s gone well.

I had to laugh at this next one. Al-Qaeda AlJazeera states, “Is Afghanistan the enemy, a poor, ravaged country of little strategic value with an economy smaller than that of tiny Rhode Island? Is it Iran, a poor country badly in need of economic development that, despite all its oil, has an economy smaller than that of New Jersey?” Ok, I’ll give you Afghanistan. Is just a training ground & base of terrorist operations. Oh, and opium exports. Nothing to see here. Iran, on the other hand. Please. We should disarm because Iran is just a poor, harmless, backwater country. One that, given the chance, will destroy Israel & is close to a nuclear weapon to attack us with. They are the number one promoter & financier of worldwide terrorism, but due to its size, it can’t be a problem.

Hilary, the genius.

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