Believing a Known Liar Makes You a Useful Idiot

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from Townhall:

Useful Idiots: ‘Pro-Life Evangelicals’ for Biden

Useful Idiots: 'Pro-Life Evangelicals' for Biden

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

In the 2020 elections, a group of self-deceived “evangelicals” became stooges for one of the grossest lies in political history.

Today—in an attempt to save face—they made themselves all the more shameful by attempting to justify in retrospect a decision that anyone could have told them was foolish from the start.

Not merely content with playing the rubes in 2020 they have a website that is still actively “recruiting” members even now.

The best advice they could be given is to simply stop. Stop talking. Stop allowing themselves to be made the fools. And to stop casting their pearls before swine. They have injured their own reputations. They have injured the witness of the evangelical church. They have actively contributed to the advancement of child-killing. And they have dragged the name of Christ through the deaths of those kids, all while pursuing their foolish ends.

Simply put the “pro-life evangelicals for Biden” are now claiming that they have been excluded from the equation as it pertains to the Biden administration’s policies towards the preborn. But what naves they were to believe they would be included to begin with.

The names of the founding members of the group reads like a list of cast-offs. Heretics in most respects and people who have abandoned the claim of scripture being their final authority.

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