Abbott Says Religious Services are Essential Activities

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Well, if this doesn’t drive the already loony left even crazier, I don’t know what will.

Thank the Lord above for Texas Governor Greg Abbott and his latest “essential” activities guideline.

And may I add: Gregg Abbott for president, 2024. And now that conservative upstart Candace Owens has decided to enter into elected public service, may I be the first to suggest an Abbott/Owens GOP presidential ticket!!

Think that might drive the left over the edge?

from Western Journalism:

Texas Governor Designates Religious Services as ‘Essential’ Activities

In an executive order issued Tuesday, Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott listed religious services among the essential services that should continue amid the coronavirus epidemic

In the order, which addressed the “statewide continuity of essential services” during the pandemic, Abbott called for Texans “except where necessary to provide or obtain essential services, minimize social gatherings and minimize in-person contact with people who are not in the same household.”

The governor referenced the Department of Homeland Security’s Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce Version 2.0 as the authority Texas would follow as to what essential services include.

The work areas listed included utilities, health care, food services, transportation and emergency services, among others.

However, Abbott added to the list “religious services conducted in churches, congregations, and houses of worship.”

“In providing or obtaining essential services, people and businesses should follow the Guidelines from the President and the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] by practicing good hygiene, environmental cleanliness, and sanitation, implementing social distancing, and working from home if possible,” the governor wrote.


“If religious services cannot be conducted from home or through remote services, they should be conducted consistent with the Guidelines from the President and the CDC by practicing good hygiene, environmental cleanliness, and sanitation, and by implementing social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” his order said.

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