Pool of the Rich

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Never mind fast cars and enormous mansion-style homes, it’s swimming pools that are creating shockwaves with the super-wealthy working to make stand-out statements among friends and clients alike.

Jay Dweck, a former head of equities strategies for Goldman Sachs, said innovating brings him happiness.

Money was no object for his $1 million pool, inspired by a Stradivarius he once owned. No detail is overlooked with a hot tub acting as the violin’s chin rest along with two thin koi ponds shaped like a bow.

How do you fancy diving into a $1million Stradivarius pool? A former banker for Goldman Sachs in New York has had a custom-built pool constructed shaped liked a violin.

Award winning: The over-the-top Bedford pool in the shape of a violin has won a prestigious gold award from the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals


Collection: The homeowner,  former finance executive Jay Dweck already owns some rare violins ¿ a Guarneri and a Stradivarius. Now he has a pool to his name


‘I always have visions and dreams of things you can do, and this is a realization of something,’ Mr Dweck, 58, told Bloomberg.

‘I had a limited number of feet that could be devoted to the pool,’ he explained. ‘I wanted a pool long enough to swim laps, say 80 to 100 feet. However, given the restrictions, such a pool would have to be very narrow.’

After considering his options, Dweck started to draw the shape that would work best for his pool.’ reminded me of a violin,’ he said.

Playing the instrument himself, the former Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley executive took note of his Stradivarius’ dimensions and realized it could work — he could have a violin-shaped pool in his backyard.

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