Inflatable Bike Rack

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Strap your bike on and you have a ride home

Strap your bike on and you have a ride home

Built for road-tripping cyclists, bicycle commuters and anyone that might be worried about having to hitchhike home with a broken chain, the TrunkMonkey represents an easier, more portable style of bicycle rack. Its designers call it the first portable, inflatable, universal bike carrier in the world. When not in use, it rolls up like a camping mattress, making it a ready travel companion.

The idea for the TrunkMonkey was born when company founder Tyler Nelson’s regularly scheduled bicycle commute home from campus was interrupted by untimely storming.

The raging wind and rain hammered Nelson before a sliver of light shined down from the heavens – or so it seemed. A friend pulled over to give Nelson a ride, and despite wanting desperately to jump inside the warm, dry shelter-on-wheels, he had to turn it down. There was no way of squeezing his bike into the small coupe. Misery bred innovation, and Nelson got to work on a better way that very evening.

Nelson’s idea is an inflatable bicycle rack that leaps onto the back of virtually any vehicle like an over-friendly primate. The inflatable cushion transforms the simple set of nylon straps, which you might otherwise use to crudely lash your bike to the roof or trunk, into a fully functional bike carrier designed to protect both car and bike. A Cordura/Kevlar outer shell protects the polyvinyl inflatable core, helping the TrunkMonkey hold up to the abuse of road and man.

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