Google’s Cardboard VR Gear

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By now you’ve probably heard about virtual reality. (Heck, the technology has even found its way into a Hot Pockets commercial!) But while some of the more famous virtual-reality devices include the Oculus Rift ($350 for version two of the development kit) and the Gear VR ($200), you’ll find an intriguing device at the other end of the price spectrum.  -

Enter Google Cardboard. Originally introduced at the company’s developer-focused I/O conference in 2014, this device is made of (you’ve guessed it) cardboard, and is essentially a mount for a smartphone.

Cardboard’s been billed as a DIY virtual-reality headset, and its creators at Google have said they hope to encourage VR development and drum up interest in virtual reality by making Google Cardboard so accessible.

The Cost

By accessible, I mean cheap. Compared to other products in the VR category, the Google Cardboard is a steal. Through Google’s website, you’ll find Cardboard headsets starting at $19.95, with the most expensive option, with a fancy aluminum finish and wood accents plus NFC, going for $85.

The Hardware

Though the idea for Cardboard came from Google itself, the company established a set of specifications so that many third-party manufacturers could offer their own hardware. The standard specifies the parts needed for assembly, including cardboard, 45mm focal length lenses, magnets a rubber band and more. A near field communication (NFC) tag is optional; when it’s included on a Cardboard device, the phone will read the tag and launch a specified Cardboard-compatible app.

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