Add Tracks to Your Vehicle

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The Track N Go system incorporates the vehicle's existing tires

The Track N Go system incorporates the vehicle’s existing tires

You may think that your 4 x 4 with its lugged tires is pretty good in the snow, but it’s never going to match the traction and flotation offered by a tracked vehicle. While systems such as those made by Mattracks allow users to replace their vehicle’s wheels with tracks, AD Boivin Inc’s Track N Go lets you simply add tracks onto your wheels when needed.

Each Track N Go kit includes four tracks and two loading ramps. To get the tracks onto your wheels, you start by placing the tracks on the ground two at a time (side by side) with the ramps leading up to them. You then just drive up onto them, and clamp them on – integrated rubber rollers press into the tire from either side, apparently holding everything securely in place.

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