The Firenze Lanciare Flying Hypercar

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The Firenze Lanciare flying car would use jet engines and large fuel supplies to make long-range, high-speed air travel possible
The Firenze Lanciare’s jet engines and large fuel supplies make long-range, high-speed air travel possible
Firenze (Background: jedgcomb/Depositphotos)

People’s concept of the flying car has shifted over the last five years or so as electric VTOL designs have started to receive a ton of money and attention. But some remain unconvinced, and Greg Brown is vehemently among them. eVTOLs, Brown reckons, will be little more than short-range, low-speed helicopter replacements in the near future.

Brown, who used to fly F-18 carrier jets in the US Navy and is now flying 777s for a major airline, has spent the last 15 years working on a true flying car design – a proper high-speed jet plane crossed with a crazy luxury hypercar.

Brown’s dream is a vehicle that can draw more gawping attention at a car show or an air show than any single-mode vehicle. That can out-accelerate a Lamborghini on the road, then drive onto a runway, slide out a set of tucked-away wings, fire up a pair of roaring jet turbines and take to the air in a rush of speed unlike anything in the private jet market.

One that can cruise at more than 500 mph, perform cornering maneuvers at loadings up to 5G, do full barrel rolls and fly up to 850 miles without touching mandated fuel reserves. That can land without flaring, on extended shocks like the ones used in Baja and Trophy Trucks. That can do it with a genuine luxury approach to the interior instead of the utilitarian, metallic cockpits of the typical jet, and that can sell for hypercar money.

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