Slowhand in Leftist Cross Hairs

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by: Brent Smith

Almost no one is cooler than Eric Clapton. But even that doesn’t seem to matter to the cancel culture extreme left.

No one is above attack if they dare to stand against the latest leftist crisis-du-jour.

But Eric Clapton and quirky crooner Van Morrison are releasing at least one anti-COVID lock-down song and the mob just won’t have it. How dare they not accept whatever forced lock-down our government overlords demand.

from the Blaze:

Eric Clapton records a new anti-lockdown song. Now the cancel culture is coming for him.

They’ll try to shut up anyone who goes against the narrative

The announcement did not sit well with those who believe stringent, business-killing lockdowns to combat the coronavirus pandemic should not be questioned. So the cancel culture went to work to try to discredit Clapton’s anti-lockdown work by reminding people of racially insensitive remarks the rocker made more than 40 years ago.

What lockdown song?

Irish rocker and songwriter Morrison began releasing a series of anti-lockdown protest songs this fall for which he received serious pushback — including from his own government.

His first three songs — “Born To Be Free,” “As I Walked Out,” and “No More Lockdown” — questioned the COVID mandates the U.K. government put in place and said the lockdowns were being used to “enslave” the people. Morrison complained that the government was not allowing people to “have the right to think for themselves.”

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