Seabreacher Personal Speed Boat

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Incredible footage has revealed the breathtaking stunts possible in the Seabreacher, a personal torpedo speed boat made out of old fighter jet parts.

The vehicles – which come styled as sharks, killer whales or dolphins – can leap waves in a single bound and carry two passengers underwater.

Prices for the watercraft, which are a combination of jet-ski, racing boat and submarine, vary from around $80,000 (£56,000) to top-of-the-range models costing upwards of $100,000 (£71,000).

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Incredible footage has revealed the breathtaking stunts possible in the Seabreacher, a personal torpedo made out of old fighter jet parts (pictured)

Seabreachers, created by water sports fanatics Rob Innes and Dan Piazza, based in Redding, California are unlike conventional watercraft that only operate on a two dimensional plane.

The Seabreacher operates more like an aircraft with full three axis of control – pitch, roll, and yaw.  This allows the vessel to carve left and right, jump over, dive under, and cut though the waves.

t can stay two feet (0.5 metres) below the surface of the water for around 20 seconds at a time.  Then, with a yank backwards on the controls, it can breach the surface with a stunning leap, shooting up to 12 feet (3.5 metres) above the waves.

The latest model is even capable of 360 degree barrel rolls on the water.

Powered by a 230 to 260 horse power supercharged engine as standard, the speed boats tear through the waves at up to 50 mph (80 kmh) or dive below the surface at 25mph (40 kmh).

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