New Drug Delivery for Brain Cancer

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An artist's rendition of MIT's new nanoparticles, which can carry two forms of drug to combat...
An artist’s rendition of MIT’s new nanoparticles, which can carry two forms of drug to combat brain cancer(Credit: Stephen Morton)

Glioblastoma is one of the most deadly forms of cancer. Affecting the brain, those unlucky enough to receive a diagnosis don’t have many treatment options – and usually a median life expectancy of just over a year. Now, researchers at MIT have developed nanoparticles that could provide hope, crossing the blood-brain barrier and delivering two types of drugs to fight tumors.

The MIT nanoparticles are liposomes, fatty droplets that can carry one drug on the inside and another in the outer layer. On the inside, the particles were loaded with a common chemotherapy drug called temozolomide, while the outer shell contained a more experimental substance known as JQ-1.

This partnership was very carefully chosen. Temozolomide is widely known to damage the DNA of cancer cells, while JQ-1 is a type of bromodomain inhibitor, meaning it reduces the tumor’s ability to repair that DNA damage. To help the nanoparticles sneak through the blood-brain barrier, the researchers coated them with a protein called transferrin, which also has the bonus effect of helping the liposomes bind to the cancer cells. And finally, the whole package was coated in a polymer called polyethylene glycol (PEG), which protects the nanoparticles from being attacked by the immune system.

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