Mega Swiss Army Knife

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The XXL stretches 3.6 x 2.5 in
The XXL stretches 3.6 x 2.5 in

Perhaps a sign of the times, Swiss Army knives have gone a little extreme in 2021. Victorinox’s latest Swiss Army releases include one of the largest Swiss Army knives ever offered and a series of Mini Tools among the smallest to wear the cross. Victorinox adds “XXL” sizing to the Swiss Champ lineup with a 73-function monster that just might fill an entire pocket. Its corkscrew holds a tiny screwdriver small enough to repair your sunglasses.

The Swiss Champ XXL reminded us at first of the old, infamous Swiss Army Giant from Wenger, the other historic manufacturer of Swiss Army knives that saw its lineup absorbed into Victorinox in 2013. A closer look at the new Champ, though, and we see it’s actually considerably smaller and more manageable.

The Champ XXL packs 73 functions, just over half the four-figure-priced Giant’s 141, while adding just 12.5 ounces (354 g) to your pocket – downright feathery compared to the 3 pounds (1.4 kg) or so of the brick-like Giant. No one will call the Swiss Champ XXL’s 2.5-in (6.4-cm) width sleek for a pocket knife, but compared to the 9-in (23-cm) width of the Giant, it certainly looks pocketable enough.

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