Man Has Legal Gun Seized

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Am I the only one that sees a problem with the premise of the following event? How in the world are states and municipalities allowed to usurp the United States Constitution? The Second Amendment is quite clear about the right to keep and bear arms, yet we allow states to water down that right, with permits and licenses. Have a state try that with freedom of the press and watch what happens.

from TheBlaze:

An Ohio man will finally get his legally-owned pistol back nine months after police confiscated it following his controversial arrest in February. He was never convicted of any crimes and his arrest occurred after he called police to report a potential crime in progress.

The city of Cleveland reportedly agreed this week to settle the federal lawsuit filed by Derrick Washington over what he says was the illegal seizure of his .38-caliber handgun. Police had refused to return his gun even after a city prosecutor refused to press charges due to a lack of evidence.

Ohio Police Seize Derrick Washingtons Gun and Refuse to Give It Back for 9 Months

The ordeal began on Feb. 10 when Washington called 911 to report a possible shooting. At one point during the police investigation, he told the officers that he had a firearm in his car and a valid concealed carry license. According to the police report, officers also claim he told them he had two vodka drinks, a claim Washington’s lawyer denies.

Washington was arrested and accused of using weapons while intoxicated and illegally carrying a concealed weapon. While Washington does have a valid concealed carry license, police say the charge was valid because they claim he failed to inform officers immediately that he had a license to carry a concealed weapon.

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