Liberals Want To Control Your Words—And Opinions

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from: Mark Steyn (my second favorite Rush fill-in host)


He who controls the language shapes the debate: In the same week the  Associated Press announced that it would no longer describe illegal immigrants  as “illegal immigrants,” the star columnist of The New York Times fretted that  the Supreme Court seemed to have misplaced the style book on another fashionable  minority. “I am worried,” wrote Maureen Dowd, “about how the justices can  properly debate same-sex marriage when some don’t even seem to realize that most  Americans use the word ‘gay’ now instead of ‘homosexual.'” She quoted her friend  Max Mutchnick, creator of “Will & Grace”:

“Scalia uses the word ‘homosexual’ the way George Wallace used the word  ‘Negro.’ There’s a tone to it. It’s humiliating and hurtful. I don’t think I’m  being overly sensitive, merely vigilant.”

For younger readers, George Wallace was a powerful segregationist Democrat.  Whoa, don’t be overly sensitive. There’s no “tone” to my use of the word  “Democrat”; I don’t mean to be humiliating and hurtful: it’s just what, in  pre-sensitive times, we used to call a “fact.” Likewise, I didn’t detect any  “tone” in the way Justice Scalia used the word “homosexual”. He may have thought  this was an appropriately neutral term, judiciously poised midway between “gay”  and “Godless sodomite.” Who knows? He’s supposed to be a judge, and a certain  inscrutability used to be part of what we regarded as a judicial temperament. By  comparison, back in 1986, the year Scalia joined the Supreme Court, the Chief  Justice Warren Burger declared “there is no such thing as a fundamental right to  commit homosexual sodomy”. I don’t want to be overly sensitive, but I think even  I, if I rewound the cassette often enough, might be able to detect a certain  tone to that.

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One comment on “Liberals Want To Control Your Words—And Opinions

  1. First and foremost we need to declare English the official language of this nation.
    Select as a guideline a dictionary that was in use when our constitution was written and the words referenced in the constitution set to that definition and may not be changed by definition so that laws may not be changed or misdefined by a language change.

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