Honda’s Walk Assist

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Honda's Walking Assist Device has been under development for 14 years, as has the company's Bodyweight ...\Honda’s Walking Assist Device has been under development for 14 years, as has the company’s Bodyweight Support Exoskeleton, which has also been tested as a worker assist device

Practical exoskeletons have moved considerably closer to everyday use with the news that Honda has begun leasing 100 of its Walking Assist Devices to hospitals in Japan so that it can monitor and validate their usefulness in the real world.

Honda’s announcement means it has joined Panasonic’s Activelink Powerloader,Cyberdyne’s HAL, Argo Medical Technologies’ Rewalk, Rex Bionics’ REX, Ekso Bionics EKSO, Raytheon’s XOS2, RB3D’s Hercule and Lockheed Martin’s HULC exoskeletons, which are all at or close to market.

Cyberdyne’s HAL with Professor Sankai, probably the world’s foremost at-market exoskeleton at this point in time

Honda’s Walking Assist Device is designed to provide assistance and rehabilitation, as are most of the exoskeletons in the above list, while the work being done by RB3D, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin is primarily aimed at at the military marketplace where exoskeletons will provide strength and endurance to soldiers.

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