Christian Genocide in the Middle East

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New Documentary film  highlights the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, where almost 1 million have been killed since 2005.

from the Blaze:

Paula Kweskin, 33, didn’t expect her life to turn out this way — but she’s glad it did.

Kweskin attended law school at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, where she earned a jurisdoctorate in international law in 2010. Her goal from the outset of her higher education pursuit was to help the less fortunate in the world through practicing law.

She soon found out that bureaucracy made that task extremely difficult. So, she focused on other ways to help — specifically, she turned to media.

Paula Kweskin speaks with TheBlaze about the documentary film she helped produced, "Faithkeepers." (Image source: Paula Kweskin)
Paula Kweskin speaks with TheBlaze about the documentary film she helped produced, “Faithkeepers.” (Image source: Paula Kweskin)

“I really feel that media is one of the strongest, if not best, methods for advocacy and education,” Kweskin said.

Kweskin was one of several people who produced the documentary film “Faithkeepers,” which documents the persecution of Christians and minority religious groups in the Middle East. Actress Roma Downey was the executive producer of the film, which will be screened across the U.S. later this month. Downey, Kweskin, and their crew began filming the project in 2014. It took 2 1/2 years to complete the film.

Kweskin spoke with TheBlaze Friday about what she and other producers learned while filming what has become mass genocide against religious minorities in the Middle East. Kweskin said she was particularly struck by how determined the people facing persecution were to overcome their struggles.

While many have attempted to flee the region for countries that don’t discriminate based on one’s faith, Kweskin said that the majority of the people who were interviewed for “Faithkeepers” don’t want to leave.

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