Virgin Space Plane

VSS Unity returning from its feather test flight
VSS Unity returning from its feather test flight (Credit: Virgin Galactic)

Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity suborbital spacecraft took to the skies over the Mojave desert in an unpowered flight test of the ship’s feather re-entry system. Piloted by Mark Stucky and Mike Masucci, the glide test is the fourth independent flight and the eighth total flight of the craft, which is designed to carry paying passengers on brief excursions to the edge of space. read more

Joke of the Day

In a small town in Kentucky, Big Bubba decides it’s time for his son, 15 year old Billy Bob, to learn about the birds and the bees. He takes him to the local bordello, which is fronted by a beauty parlor.

Bubba introduces Billy Bob to the madam and explains that it’s time for his introduction to the facts of life.

The madam says, “Bubba, you’ve been such a good customer over the years, I’m going to see to your son personally.” read more

Pools Made From Shipping Containers

The Modpools also come with a color-changing LED
The Modpools also come with a color-changing LED (Credit: Modpools)

Shipping containers are by nature rather easy to move around, and more and more we are seeing clever ideas around how their strengths can be put to use. The latest example of this is a little something called a Modpool, a relocatable above-ground swimming pool that can be installed within minutes of delivery. read more

Joke of the Day

Many years ago a friend of mine called Joe worked in the coal mines. He would go to work early in the morning, go down the mine to the coal face and do his eight hour stint, then come back to the surface to get ready to come home.

He followed this daily routine faithfully for years on end, down the mine in the morning and up at the end of his shift. Down then up, down then up. read more